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Name: NBB Vacuum Brazed (VB) diamond core drill bits

NBBVBDDBH0X5681012C  5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm*1pc

Professional Quality

NBB Vacuum Brazed (VB) diamond core bits are professionally manufactured for dry or wet drilling on all types of ceramic, tile, especially porcelain stoneware and other cladding materials such as marble and granite.
With VB technology, diamond bits can drill dry or wet on hard ceramic and stone with high efficiency and a longer life.

NBB VB drill bits with HEX connection can be used directly with a gun drill machine, VERY EASY TO USE. The recommended RPM to use will be from 700 RPM to 2,600 RPM ( Higher RPM is better).
The average life of the drills ALWAYS depends on the type of material, its thickness and the correct cooling and use.

The total length of NBB VB diamond core bits will be approximately 68mm (for drill bit in dia.5/6mm) / 80mm (for dirll bit in dia.8/10/12/14mm) with a diamond width of approximately 10mm. The drilling depth can be about 30mm (for drill bit in dia.6mm) / 40mm (for drill bit in dia.8/10/12/14mm).

NBB VB diamond bits can be used to drill the necessary holes for water inlets, drains, light points, etc. Without damaging ceramics and stones.

NBB VB Diamond Bits (6 to 14mm) have a special cold wax to ensure proper dry drilling and stable performance. NBB VB diamond bits (diameter 20mm to 75mm) have a side opening that improves bit cooling and facilitates solid residue removal after each drilling.

To make the bits last longer, before drilling again, we must make sure that the bit is clean and free of any obstructions.

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