Who we are

EASTAR SUPER HARD TOOLS, S.L. is a young company which is mainly focused on various kinds of super hard tools.
Based on the experienced management and the high knowledge on the specifilized market, EASTAR SUPER HARD TOOLS, S.L. is committed to providing the products in high approved quality with more competitive price.

As a local Spanish company, EASTAR SUPER HARD TOOLS, SL not only has a strong supply chain system, but also highly integrates the advantages of the Internet.
It uses the Internet’s publicity effect and the global rapid logistics supply capabilities to make our products faster , Conveniently enter the side of more users, so that more users can experience the convenience brought by our products and enjoy more favorable prices.
Currently, our brand "NBB" is more and more popular amond the professional users and DIY customers.

EASTAR SUPER HARD TOOLS, S.L. is in a period of rapid expansion.
We welcome cooperation from various partners. If you are interested in joining our sales network, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail: info@nbbtools.com.