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Name: Vacuum Brazed Diamond Burr

For grinding the nails of animals ( dog, cat)

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1.Working Diameter and Depth of the pit on the top :

NBBBDAB02-5: appr.7.5mm(Diameter) x 2mm(Depth)

NBBBDAB02-8: appr.10mm(Diameter) x 3mm(Depth)

NBBBDAB02-12: appr.12mm(Diameter) x 3mm(Depth)

Working Height and Depth of the pit on the side :

NBBBDAB02-5: appr.5mm(Height) x 2mm(Depth)

NBBBDAB02-8: appr.8mm(Height) x 2mm(Depth)

NBBBDAB02-12: appr.12mm(Height) x 2mm(Depth)

2.Overall Length:

NBBBDAB02-5: appr.25mm

NBBBDAB02-8: appr.29mm

NBBBDAB02-12: appr.33mm

3.Shank Length:

NBBBDAB02-5: appr.16mm

NBBBDAB02-8: appr.16mm

NBBBDAB02-12: appr.16mm

4.Shank diameter: 3.17mm round shank ( connection can be customized). Suitable for dremel machine, or machine with chuck.

5.Diamond Grit:

NBBBDAB02-5: 100#(fine,on top), 80# (medium,on side)

NBBBDAB02-8: 100#(fine,on top), 30#(super course, on side)

NBBBDAB02-12: 100#(fine, on top), 40#(course, on side)

6.Application: various hard Nonferrous material, such as nail, teeth etc


Packing List: 1unit



It is mainly used by dremel machine or machien with little chuck. It is used for grinding and polishing the nails and teeth of animals, like big and small dogs, cats, and other materials. 

With special vacuum brazed technology, the high quality diamond is firmly brazed on the metal body, which makes higher working efficiency, longer working life, lower time cost, but higher finishing performance.


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